Hello, stranger. 🙂

I have many names, such as BC, Bun, Bean, 阿寶, 包子. I respond to all of them.

I enjoy many things. Most of all, I love imagining but you can’t read my mind so I write to tell you about the stories I weave in my head. Most of my works will be posted here, as part of my portfolio, some fandom-related works will be posted to AO3 too.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from UniSIM (now SUSS). I am currently a localisation specialist at a games company.

I used to be:
– a lunar-new-year grass buddy seller
– a cutlery-sorting steward (for like 3 days because I was 16)
– a sandwich-making barista
– a fresh-as-heck marketing assistant
– a stressed school programme executive
– a desk-bound registrar
– a maki-making manager
– a horrible fashion assistant (for like 3 months because what is fashion)

Life takes you places. A good friend brought me into translation and here I am. Thanks e. 🙂

In my free time, other than writing, I also:
– visit the zoo
– play minesweeper
– play online board games
– play pokemeow while lurking on discord
– play random games depending on my mood
– binge-watch dramas
– rewatch Hannibal / Buzzfeed Unsolved marathons / Ruining History / Puppet History / Who’s The Murderer