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This article is part of a series that the official Theatre Weibo account did in collaboration with the Super Topics community. It provides a chance for weibo users (fans) to post questions to selected Super Vocal members and they will pick a lucky few to answer. These are Ayunga’s answers.

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Q1: What is the difference between operas and musicals? What use does dancing have in a musical? Because dance is a basic skill for musical actors, yet not every production has a hard and fast dance requirement.

Operas and musicals are products of different eras. Dancing, in musicals, is a form of embellishment. Coupled with singing, they achieve the best stage effects. We can also use body language to express and mould the character.

i. At this phase (of your career), what type of musical/on-screen characters do you want to try most? Will you consider new performance formats such as musical films?
ii. What kind of movies do you enjoy? Any good recommendations?

i. I would like to try Les Misérables and Rent most. I have always looked forward to musical films.
ii. I enjoy watching art films. I’ll probably recommend Sean Penn’s movies, the protagonist of I Am Sam.

i. What are your recent plans for musicals? Will you be trying out for the Phantom China Project or The Sound of Music’s Captain?
ii. Do you have any Han language* practices that you do to improve your ability to remember lines?
iii. When do you plan to release your next album? We are waiting for your new song!

i. I’m also looking forward to the Phantom Project~
ii. My daily homework is improving my grasp of the Han language~
iii. For now, I don’t have any plans to release an album~ Thank you!

* Han language refers to Mandarin Chinese, because Ayunga’s mother tongue is actually Mongolian.

i. In your Super Vocal performances, which song are you most satisfied with?
ii. How do you feel after singing the drinking song (from La Traviata) at the sponsorship search conference?
iii. Why do you like the colour orange?

1. My favourite is Phantom of the Opera.
2. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, I tried my best. (tears emoji)
3. Because orange represents energy, and energy means youth!*

* Kind of a response to a running gag that Ayunga is old (among musical actors/peers in SV).

Q5: Any plans for a re-release for your album Shartal (Xi La Cao Yuan 希拉草原)? Everyone really wants to appreciate and collect it. This year is exceptionally tiring, other than a musical, (do you have) any plans for an album?

Album plans are a no, but yes for a single.

Q6: What are the similarities and differences between musical performance and drama filming? When the audience sits really far and can’t see close-ups during musicals, how does a performer convey their (characters’) emotions?

As you’ve mentioned, the difference is that a musical stage does not have cameras, no close-ups etc. It needs to convey (the emotions) through precise body language.

Q7: If you answer this question, I will slim down 10 jin (approx. 5kg) by next month! I just have one question – Mongolian beef, Mongolian cheese sticks, Mongolian milk tea, Mongolian King beer, which one should I try first? (insert sounds of a foodie)

Mongolian beef jerky. Those that are air-dried naturally.

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