Twenty Twenty-Three

Happy New Year.

Between the pandemic/endemic, my job, and derailing emotions, I emerge alive in 2023. It’s a triumph that I’ll take. A lot has happened ever since the big C breakout and I may share my personal progress as time goes on. For the past few years, I’ve drastically reduced sharing my life on social media and also stopped writing about it altogether. On reflection, it’s probably better for my brain to share some of it, which brings me to my 2023 resolutions! 🙂


  • I will write more posts than I did in 2022. (Wrote an overwhelming total of 1 post in 2022, ha!)
  • I will read more books than I did in 2022. (Read 4 completed comics in 2022.)
  • I will share more pictures than I did in 2022. (Made an astonishing total of 3 posts in 2022.)
  • I will be more active in 2023, i.e. walk more and be less of a sedentary fleshy skeleton.
  • I will continue to be aware of my emotions.

Five is probably plenty of things to work on and to keep me accountable. Obviously, there are many aspects of my life I want to work on, such as being more prepared instead of cramming for my Korean lessons, and also my semi-chronic lateness.

Reading and writing are really on top of my list of improvements I am making. I still can’t wrap my mind around how I used to be a book blogger who writes reviews of so many books in a year. Life really kicked me in the ass there. Time to take back my ass and kick it myself!

But my 2022 did end on a good note in that I bought myself Hades on Steam. Best decision ever because the story and the gameplay really go together so goddamn well. I guess this also means my 2023 started with a bang because I’m still smashing my way through Hades. Let 2023 be the year where I embrace my villainy. (A story for another day.)

Cheers, folks.


Game: Hades | Variety Show: Keep Running | Book: None

Game: Hades
Variety Show: Keep Running 奔跑吧 · 共同富裕篇
Book: —