Project Grasslands 2019

Original Photo Credit / Weibo: Official Singer 2019

This project features 24 short stories for every hour of Ayunga’s birthday, October 23rd. Each story is inspired by the respective photo of Ayunga attached to it. 祝三生三十(shi)幸福,嘎子哥。

  1. The Earl of Melancholy
  2. Siren
  3. Higanbana in the Attic
  4. One moment please, Mister Reaper
  5. The Arsonist
  6. Lecter
  7. Lily of the Valley
  8. Heaven’s Child
  9. Swindler
  10. The Butler
  11. Absolute Boyfriend
  12. Hades
  13. Missing Memories
  14. Dear Muse
  15. Searching for Summer
  16. Child of Muse
  17. The Only Good Left in Me
  18. Behind The Door
  19. Excuse me, this is my father
  20. Gulliver’s Secret
  21. The Fortune Teller
  22. Till the End of the Line
  23. Shadow
  24. Home

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